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Landscaping Care (AKA: Engel Services LLC) was founded by Bo Engel. Bo has over 10 years of experience in all aspects of landcape construction and management. It all started with a passion for the outdoors and making it better for all. Bo is a combat veteran of the iraq war and a dedicated hard working individual, his passions include camping, fishing, and the outdoors. Between Bo,Tim and Ron, we have over 40 years in all aspects of landscaping and most of us have worked for some of the largest landscaping firms in denver, names you definately know.

We are here to provide quality services at a competitive rate and guarantee all of our work. Please call 720-504-5296 for any questions you may have regarding our QUALITY QUARANTEE.

Tim -
Tim started working in the landscape industry over 20 years working for some of Denver's premier landscape companies and knows all areas of landscape management. Some of his hobbies include hockey, and family

Ron started his career in irrigation many ages ago, somewhere around 1991, ron is a highly expericenced individual in all aspects of landscape, and his specialty is commercial and residential irrigation. Ron enjoys card collecting and gaming.

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